Oltrarno WALKING TOUR- the other side of the river

      • Private guided tour (less than 7 participants) € 90 per service
      • Guided tour for groups (more than 7 participants) € 15 per person
      • *Museum and reservation fees are not included

Staying in the tourist zone leaves you with an incomplete impression of Florence. Most of the inhabitants live and work outside the touristy center, so, if you want to see the real face of the city, you can’t miss this side of the old town. Here it seems that time has stood still. The streets are quieter, and the craftsmen continue to work in their workshops as they have always done. Daily life goes on undisturbed by the crowds and noise.
We will enjoy the city’s elegance and authenticity and get lost in its charming back-streets.

*For a complete tour of the city, it is advisable to book the Love at first sight! Walking tour.