Tour Guide in Florence

Hello! My name is Martina Arezzini and I am a professional licensed Tour Guide in Tuscany. I am the founder of SunFlorence Tours, created to unveil the magical atmosphere of Florence. Probably some of you already know me thanks to the videos with Mr. Harald Baldr.

I feel lucky to be living in one of the most astonishing corners of the world and I am committed to share its beauty in an enjoyable and friendly manner.

I organize private tours for individuals, families, groups and incentives according to my keywords: customized experiences, reliable network, highest quality level and total customer satisfaction.

I was born in Tuscany in the province of Siena and in 2010 I moved to Florence where I graduated in European and American Languages ​​and Literatures with full marks. My research fields involved Gender Studies and South American Women’s Literature. That’s way I teach English and Spanish in Italian high schools. Then, I completed the studies at the training school, I passed the qualification exam for being a licensed Tour Guide and I work since 2018. 

I love walking in the streets of Medieval Florence talking about the old families, historical events and the great intellectual personalities who contributed to the creation of wonders such as the Duomo or the Church of Santa Croce. Because of my education I particularly love historical-artistic paths (even if I choose off the beaten path tours sometimes).

On the other hand, I also love to show Florence’s contemporary life. I love looking for places where the city becomes lively: markets, artisan areas, exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, small fashion shops., etc.

I spent years studying oenology and viticulture and I am an official wine guide. I strongly believe that beauty, art and culture, in all its forms, is a way to bring people from all walks of life together.

I love working with solo travelers, but also with families. I have been a tourist entertainer for children for many years and I love creating activities just for them. I love classic tours, but I also enjoy creating more special experiences for you that can make your trip unforgettable.

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