Uffizi for Kids – Let’s go to the Museum!- 2 hours

Step into an Artistic Wonderland: The Uffizi Experience for Kids designed exclusively for curious minds aged 6 to 13! During our journey through the Uffizi Gallery, we’ll dive into a world of colors, drawings, and interactive activities featured in a special booklet.

What makes this experience extra special is that the activity booklet will be theirs to keep as a memory of their visit to the Uffizi Gallery—an artistic keepsake to take home.

Moreover, at the end of the tour, each child will receive a special souvenir, a token to remember their artistic adventure. This unforgettable journey isn’t just a tour; it’s an opportunity for children to discover art in a fun and memorable way, leaving them with treasured memories and a tangible reminder of their visit.”

Together, we’ll explore the timeless masterpieces of iconic artists like Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio, and more. It’s not just about seeing art but immersing ourselves in its stories and techniques. Beyond the artwork, we’ll learn how to navigate and appreciate a museum’s inner workings, providing a glimpse into the magic of preserving cultural treasures.

With my background in both education and entertaining young minds, guiding children through the world of art has been an enriching experience. My approach isn’t just about showcasing artworks; it’s about sparking curiosity, nurturing creativity, and igniting a lifelong passion for art. Rest assured, your children will have a fantastic time while being guided by me—a professional with years of experience in both teaching and entertaining kids.

Parents, you’re an integral part of this adventure, joining us every step of the way to share in the knowledge and discoveries.

This journey isn’t solely a tour; it’s a family-friendly expedition, an opportunity for both parents and children to bond over exploration and discovery, igniting a love for art that transcends the walls of the gallery.


Available in Italian, English and Spanish


  • Child Experience: 70€
  • Adult Experience: 40€
  • Additional Child: 50€ extra
  • Additional Adult: 25€ extra

What is included?

    • Private Tour with a Licensed Guide
    • activity booklet and materials for each child
    • a gift for each child

Museum and reservation fees are NOT included:

    • Full Price Ticket with reservation € 30,00 or 17€ during the low season
    • Free ticket for Under 18 years old