Street Art Tour – 2 Hours

Let’s discover Florence’s hidden canvas and unveil the artistic diversity!

Florence has long been hailed as the cradle of the Renaissance, a city steeped in classical beauty and artistic tradition. However, beyond its renowned historical treasures, lies a vibrant and often overlooked contemporary art scene waiting to be explored.

My passion for street art and background in the arts drive me to offer a unique tour experience that unveils Florence’s unconventional beauty. This isn’t your typical tour; it’s a journey that celebrates the lesser-known artistic expressions that add a modern, dynamic layer to this ancient city.

I aim to shine a spotlight on street art, an often-misunderstood form of expression, and foster a deeper appreciation for its significance. I’m dedicated to promoting a broader understanding of this art form while respecting the intentions and aims of the talented artists behind it.

In a city where the echoes of the 15th century often dominate the artistic conversation, this tour seeks to break barriers and bring attention to unconventional art, providing diverse perspectives and showcasing the rich tapestry of artistic expression in Florence.

Our expedition will lead us through the colorful streets, unveiling captivating murals, thought-provoking graffiti, and awe-inspiring installations. We’ll delve into workshops and galleries, meeting passionate experts eager to share insights and answer our questions, fostering an enriching dialogue about contemporary art.

Join me on this immersive journey, where we’ll not only explore diverse art forms but also ignite our own creativity. Let’s celebrate the spirit of artistic innovation that thrives in Florence today, offering a new lens through which to appreciate the city’s artistic evolution.

During the tour, we will also visit some laboratories and galleries, and it will be possible to meet experts who will be happy to answer our questions.


The itinerary of this tour changes continuously because of the temporary aspect of street-art.
During the tour we will also visit interesting concept stores and artist studio galleries.

Available in Italian, English and Spanish


          • One person: € 120
          • Up to 2 people: € 65 each
          • Between 3 and 8 people: € 50 each
          • Children under 12 years old are free

What is included?:

          • Private Tour with a Licensed Guide
          • Entrance to art galleries